AIR Index – emissions data to help the economy

Apr 22, 2020 1:00:00 PM

New real-world data on vehicle emissions will allow revitalisation of an automotive industry and global economy devastated by the COVID-19 outbreak but with cleaner air and reduced impact on climate change.


The AIR Index at identifies the cleanest cars, giving buyers confidence to switch to cleaner vehicles, restoring an automotive industry badly impacted by the pandemic.


The freely available ratings database is the result of rigorous testing according to the legal standard method, CWA17379. It details real-world nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.


It shows that clean and efficient vehicles, which have low NOx and low CO2 emissions already exist, without having to wait for new technology at scale.


Nick Molden, co-founder of AIR said: “As the world emerges from the impact of COVID-19, legislators, manufacturers and buyers have an opportunity to focus on the cars that will limit the rise in pollution generated by economic recovery.


Published by the AIR Alliance (AIR), the AIR Index demonstrates the risk of selecting vehicles based only on the official emissions figures that are not detailed enough to identify the cleanest cars. A Euro 6 vehicle may be clean, or it may be dirty, but the official data do not give enough clarity to differentiate.


The AIR Alliance is a growing group of international organisations that share a vision. You can read more about us, the AIR Index and access the data for yourself at

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